Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1st and 2nd Grade Are Learning Computer Basics This Month

Welcome back to school! All this month the 1st and 2nd Grade classrooms are working through the Computer Basics unit on Easy Tech. The first lesson was Processor and Input/Output Devices.

In this lesson students learn how to identify and care for basic computer components, including the keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, and printer. Students also learn about processors and how each basic computer component can be classified as an input device or an output device.

Primary Objectives:

  • Student becomes familiar with the components of a computer.
  • Student learns to identify components of a computer and their uses.
  • Student understands the concept of input ("the senses") vs. output ("communication") in regards to computer devices.
  • Student becomes familiar with the concept of a processor ("the brain").
  • Student learns to properly care for a computer.
  • Student learns to identify input, output, and processing devices.
  • Secondary Objectives:
  • Student practices memory skills.
  • Student practices cognitive thinking by identifying objects based on an understanding of the tasks the objects perform.
  • Student develops vocabulary across the curriculum.

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